Modular Autocut Hand Towel Dispenser



Solid, reliable & stylish wall mounted soap dispensers


The Modular Autocut hand towel dispenser is ideal for environments where hygiene is paramount. The system delivers pre-measured flat sheets of paper towels ready to use, minimising the risk of cross-contamination as only the paper is touched not the dispenser. This low maintenance mechanical dispenser can fit almost all types of paper rolls.

  • One of the smallest autocut units in the market that runs standard size paper towel rolls
  • Low pull force – the 0.5kgf pull strength allows the use of a low grammage paper without tabbing
  • The smallest drying service (pre-measured towel sheet length) in the market – 23.5cm
  • The cutting blade is made of a special compound which re-sharps itself every time it cuts the paper
  • The cutting mechanism can be easily extracted for cleaning and maintenance
  • Choice of window colours
  • Branding available
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