Membrane Pump



The new BrightLogic membrane pump is a laundry dosing system which has been designed to deliver excellent flowrate consistency, even with highly viscous products. With a flow rate averaging 1.5L per minute, the Brightlogic membrane pump is ideal for laundry machines exceeding 100kg in capacity.

Sharing all of the tried and tested components of the established BrightLogic peristaltic pump range, the membrane pump allows for an easy upgrade, with the opportunity to mix and match up to 10 pumps for a truly versatile chemical dosing system.

Branding options are available to add the name, the logo or the contact details of any company to the dosing system.

Hardware features
• Advanced PCB hardware
• Brushless motors
• 16 x 4 character illuminated screen
• Wireless USB comms
• Configure any combination 1 – 10 pumps
• Easy add-on pump configuration
• Full speed control on all pumps
• Full range of accessories to suit your installation
• Formula select module available for easy access to programme selection
• Independently CE and UL approved

Software features
• Programme formula select with wash cycle names
• Prime and stop pumps from the formula select
• Bespoke access codes and screen text
• Twenty programmes as standard
• Chemical usage report including selectable date and time range feature
• Engineer’s test screen to view signal inputs
• Auto formula select setting
• Multilingual programming
• Free programming software
• Relay mode setting
• Branding available

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