Ecoshot Chemical Dosing System

A hygiene chemical dosing system consists of pumps, containers, valves, and controls that work together to measure and deliver precise amounts of chemicals for cleaning, disinfection, and sanitisation purposes. Our system ensures that the proper dilution and proportioning of chemicals is achieved, allowing for effective cleaning while minimising waste.

Hygiene chemical dosing systems offer numerous benefits, including improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, consistent results, reduced chemical waste, and enhanced safety by minimising direct contact with concentrated chemicals. They are an essential tool in maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in various settings. Our dosing systems have been trusted for years and are almost guaranteed to save you money. Order yours online today!


ECOSHOT is a manual chemical dosing system which can dispense various volumes of concentrates into a bottle, a bucket or a sink. The ECOSHOT chemical dosing system can be set up to deliver any measure of concentrates between 5ml and 30ml and can draw chemical from any sized container.

ECOSHOT comes with a hanging bracket to support up to 10L containers or a multipurpose chemical cabinet to safely lock in chemicals. The cabinet can hold 1.5L pouches or 2L bottles to suit filling line preferences. The pouch system offers exclusivity thanks to the optional pin positions.

• 3 versions: spray bottle, sink and bucket
• Simple push operation, with optional safety features
• Unlimited adjustable dosage between 5ml and 30ml
• Lock-in cabinet for both pouch and bottle
• Exclusivity option for pouch system
• Unit and cabinet rings available in various colours
• Installed within minutes
• Branding available

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