Where To Use Spray and Foam Systems


With spray and foam systems being recently added to the product offering from LKW, we wanted to provide information on what the systems are typically used for. Both spray and foam systems are robust and efficient for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.

The systems are ideal for cleaning large areas such as food manufacturing environments with machinery that needs regular cleaning to maintain good hygiene standards. Both spray and foam systems are a great cleaning solution for dairy farms where regular cleaning of large areas is required with specific amounts of chemical.

Food Processing and Manufacturing

In order to comply with certifications regulated by the Global Food Safety Initiative, such as the BRCGS and SQF accreditation, it is key to have procedures in place to meet cleaning standards. The Global Standard for Food Safety was developed by experts within the industry to ensure goods are manufactured to the highest standards. Spray and foam systems are widely used within food processing environments to meet the standards set out by certifications. Foam is the more commonly used of the two systems, as chemical coverage rates are quick and visibly easy to monitor as foam provides a visible blanket where the chemical meets the surface.

Both systems are ideal for cleaning large areas such as floors, walls, conveyor belts, tables and production equipment.

Vehicle Cleaning

Foam cleaning in the motor industry is a very popular trend. Whilst the systems supplied by Brightwell Dispensers weren’t specifically designed for this use, they can be used with the addition of the extra-long wands. Foam cleaning is efficient, effective and unrivaled in its convenience. It allows the cleaning solution to remain in contact with the build-up of dirt and grease for an extended time period and allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas not always accessible by standard cleaning methods.

No Need for Trigger Spray Bottles

Spraying systems were designed with the end-user in mind. When a small or medium-sized area requires cleaning, it can put a lot of strain on the end-user, having to repetitively use a trigger spray bottle. Spraying systems can either be utilised with the receptacle tank that can hold up 2.5L worth of diluted product or can be linked up to chemical storage and mains water to supply for larger projects. The Spray station system uses a BDVF Bypass Venturi system to dilute the chemicals, removing the need for user contact with chemicals. If the spray station doesn’t suit your business needs, Brightwell Dispensers designed the ECOShot to remove guesswork and end-user contact when measuring chemical concentrates.

To find out about any of the systems on offer from LKW, contact us today and a member of the team will be happy to assist.

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