The Popularity Of Touch Free Products In The Cleaning and Hygiene Industry


Touch free products are becoming very popular in commercial environments, from touch free lighting; sensor taps to hands free door openers.

Today, daily life moves fast. People are busy so we want things to be quick and simple. Touch free solutions bring these benefits, as they are easy and efficient to use. With more products becoming smarter, soap and paper dispensers are no different.

The introduction of liquid soap

Liquid soap was invented in the USA in 1865 and not long after came the soap dispenser. Soap dispensers offer advantages to both businesses and the user.

They offer visitors a pleasant experience as it keeps areas cleaner and they no longer have to use a bar of soap that everyone else has used. For businesses, soap dispensers are low maintenance, easier to clean and provide a good impression for guests.

Since then, we have more or less said goodbye to blocks of soap in public washrooms and commercial environments. Now soap and paper dispensers are an essential part of public washrooms and other areas that require a high level of hygiene.

Automated devices for cleaning and hygiene

Over the years, automated devices that dispense soap, paper towels and sanitiser have become a popular product in all commercial facilities. They are helpful as they work by using a sensor that tracks movement or voice so we do not have to touch the unit. Their popularity is in their reliability, hygienic benefits and attractiveness.

Why are touch free soap and paper dispensers becoming the go-to product for businesses?

Increased hygiene

Objects that are touched regularly are hot spots for germs and bacteria, increasing the risk of spreading germs and bacteria. For those conscious about the risk of cross-contamination, touch free soap and paper dispensers are ideal. Users can simply place their hands underneath the unit and it dispenses the right amount without contact.

Reduces waste

How often do you see people grabbing one too many paper hand towels or dispensing too much soap? Touch free dispensers give a set amount every time which helps to reduce the amount used, making soap and refills last longer and therefore in turn reduces wastage.

Keeps areas tidier

Untidy washrooms and kitchens leave a poor impression on guests and customers. Touch free dispensers help to create a clean and hygienic environment. Additionally, touch free dispensers give businesses more control over how much the units dispense, preventing waste and keeping areas tidier.

Cost effective

Touch free soap and paper dispensers allow facilities to control the amount of used soap and paper better. As these dispensers give a set amount of soap an paper they help to reduce excess wastage and overuse, compared to manually taking a paper towel or soap, resulting in cost savings.

Overall, touch free dispensers offer a huge amount of benefits. They are cost effective, keep areas tidy and provide a clean and hygienic environment.

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