Ecomulti Compact 4 Chemical Dispenser


ECOMULTI COMPACT is a proportioner that can dilute up to four chemicals from one dispenser. Connected to a water mains, the compact design makes these one-stop cleaning stations the ideal solution for even the smallest cleaning environments. It is available in low-flow (4L/min) and high-flow (14L/min) versions enabling selection of up to 13 specific dilution ratios.

ECOMULTI has been designed with Brightwell Dispensers’ patented dilution pin wheel which eliminates the need for metering tips. It is available with BrightGap and Airgap backflow preventers.

• 2 versions: Low-flow (4L/min) and High-flow (14L/min)
• Flexible configuration enabling chemical concentrates to be conveniently delivered from side or bottom inlets
• Patented dilution technology offering precise dilution ratios
• Intuitive 4 dial product selector with haptic click to avoid chemical selection error
• Colour-coded pictograms to aid identification of correct cleaning chemical and use
• Ease of Installation: Drilling templates, built-in spirit level, multitude of mounting holes
• Safe and secure chemical cabinet available for 1.5L pouch & 2L bottle
• Chemical exclusivity option for pouch system
• Unit and cabinet rings available in various colours
• Branding available

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