High-flow Laundry Dosing System


The BrightLogic high-flow laundry dosing systems for industrial laundries can dose from 1 to 10 chemicals with a flow rate of up to 870ml* per minute.

The high-flow pumps can be mixed with on-premise laundry dosing pumps to suit various dosing needs. They are compatible with both intelligent and non-intelligent machines up to 100kgs** and can be used in relay mode or with a formula select programmer.

Branding options are available to add the name, the logo or the contact details of any company to the dosing system.

*Flow rate tested with water using BrightChem under laboratory conditions
** Depending on ml/kg.

Hardware features:
• Advanced PCB hardware
• Brushless motors
• 16 x 4 character illuminated screen
• Wireless USB comms
• Configure any combination 1 – 10 pumps
• Easy add-on pump configuration
• Full speed control on all pumps
• Full range of accessories to suit your installation
• Formula select module available for easy access to programme selection
• Independently CE and UL approved

Software features:
• Programme formula select with wash cycle names
• Prime and stop pumps from the formula select
• Bespoke access codes and screen text
• Twenty programmes as standard
• Chemical usage report including selectable date and time range feature
• Engineer’s stest screen to view signal inputs
• Auto formula select setting
• Multilingual programming
• Free programming software
• Relay mode setting
• Branding available

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