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Pod™ Petite


Pod™ Petite is a revolutionary sanitary disposal system that answers the very sensitive question faced by women; how to dispose of sanitary products hygienically, responsibly and easily?

Discover why women prefer Pod™ Petite:

  • A considerate design women truly appreciate
  • Safe and simple to use – discreet, reliable and protected
  • Touch-free and manual models
  • Eliminates blood-borne cross-contamination
  • Unique opening – no more unsightly surfaces and trapping of sanitary waste
  • Compact and unobtrusive

Redefining smart servicing:

  • A little revolution in sanitary waste service that will delight your cleaning staff
  • Zero exposure to waste for service personnel – no more open bags
  • Labour-saving – easy to install and service
  • Reduced labour costs with a streamlined service process
  • Offers customers a self-service choice
  • Ideal for isolated remote sites
  • Impressive 7 litre capacity