Modular Multiflex Soap Dispenser - LKW South Africa

Modular Multiflex Soap Dispenser


The disposable wall mounted soap dispenser


The MultiFlex wall mounted soap dispenser is Brightwell Dispensers’ latest innovation with a 100% disposable inner mechanism which ensures full hygiene integrity.

Pumps and bottles are interchangeable and can be switched between both the manual and the automatic models. They are used only once and need replacing when the container is empty. The chemical is never in contact with air or germs, its integrity is guaranteed.

• Fully customisable cover design
• Dispense a multitude of refill products utilising 4 different pumps: 1ml liquid, 2ml liquid, spray and foam
• Available in manual or automatic touch-free models – 4 C-Cell batteries provide 30,000 uses
• Exclusive pin positions to lock chemicals
• Choice of coloured windows for the Modular range